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Solutions and Expertise

While some clients want an idea-to-pilot solution, many clients are often in various phases of the development process. Knowing where you are in the development process will help you determine how far you want to go to meet your product development and engineering needs. Some customers come to us with an idea and want to take development from idea through prototype so they can market their idea and obtain funding. Some customers want a partial turnkey solution to update their mechanical documentation or reverse engineer an existing product due to lack of current documentation. Others may need compliance testing, a prototype solution to assemble units, or a technical writing solution to develop a manual or life cycle documentation. To understand where you are in the development process, view our process...

We provide a wide range of technical expertise to meet today's engineering needs for both full turnkey solutions and task-oriented requirements. We specialize in providing innovative engineering solutions to complex, technical problems and challenging product development issues. Our approach integrates the latest tools and technology with experience and methodology. This approach enables us to deliver high quality products, reducing time to market and in-house operational costs.

  • Commercial Products
  • Government/Security
  • Telecommunication
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Green Technologies

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