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Core Source is a core engineering services firm specializing in providing cost effective partial or full turn-key outsourcing solutions for today's flexible and demanding product development environments. Our team can be quickly integrated into any phase of the product development lifecycle adding new life to a slow project or to meet special resource and technology needs. Our core business focus is on accelerating product development timelines through innovation, experience and cost-effective solutions. Our Services include:

  • Mechanical Engineering / Design / Analysis / Documentation
  • Hardware Engineering / Design / Anlaysis
  • PCB Design and Development / Fabrication Consulting
  • Rapid Prototype / Industrial Design
  • Safety, CE Mark, FCC, Environmental, and NEBS Test Support /EMC Pre-Screening Consulting
  • Technical Publications / Online help / Manuals / Service Manuals / Installation Guides
  • Supply Chain Services / Component Selection / Price Negotiation / Tracking / Kitting
  • Custom Test Fixture Development
  • Low Volume Production

Core Source Technologies has a documented history of success since 2003 of working closely with customers to help them meet their engineering development needs. Our guaranteed pricing and scheduling is supported by our experienced "get it right the first time" team that can assist you with the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Embedded Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Circuit Board Design
  • Technical Publications
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Low-Volume Manufacturing Services
  • Supply Chain Procurement Services
  • Test Development

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