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PCB Design

PCB Design


  • PCB Layout
    • Rules Driven Designs (Design Constraints)
    • Digital, Analog, RF, High Voltage
    • Controlled Impedance and Matched Lengths
    • .35mm uBGA to 2200+ pin BGAs
    • Laser, Stacked, Buried via, via-in-pad, back drill
    • High Speed (XAUI, PCIe, SerDes, LVDS, Fiber Channel, Gig-E, etc.)
    • DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 memory
    • Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits
    • Power Supplies, Heavy Copper
    • FPGA/CPLD pin swaps, via minimization
    • Stack-up development and verification
    • Documentation and build packages preferred by Fab houses and CMs
    • Designed for use from prototype to high volume production
    • Sub-panel array optimization
    • Schematic Capture
    • Comprehensive Checking - design improvement feedback to get it right on the first REV
  • PCB Library Development
    • Optimized IPC PCB Footprints
    • Schematic Symbols
  • DFX Analysis (DFM, DFA, DFT, etc.)
  • Schematic and PCB Translations
    • Altium Designer to OrCAD/Allegro
    • OrCAD/Allegro to Altium Designer
    • Design Reviews
  • PCB Layout Tools
    • Cadence Allegro/orCAD PCB Designer
    • Mentor Xpedition
    • Altium Designer
  • Netlist inputs from most front-end tools
  • Output Formats
    • IPC-2581
    • ODB++
    • Fabmaster
    • IDF 3-D Mechanical interface
    • DXF
    • Gerber RS274X
  • Schematic Capture
    • OrCAD Capture
    • Altium Designer
    • Cadence ConceptHDL
  • GoToMeeting screen-sharing ensures rapid responses to questions and real time assistance with Design Review milestones

Engineering Brochures

Helpful brochures describing Core Source Solutions, our areas of expertise, and how to get your project started:

New to Core Source?

We put together a few steps to help you quickly establish a relationship and get your project started with Core Source Technologies, How to get started with Core Source.

Custom Solutions

A few examples of often requested PCB solutions:

  • Rules Driven Designs

    Many of todays designs require matching length for groups of signals, controlled impedance, spacing for high-voltages or sensitive nets, and more. By setting up design rules in the layout tool, the finished layout is automatically checked for correctness.

  • Power Supplies

    Trade-offs are critical. Copper thickness vs. copper spacign, thermal relief vs. current flow, Marginally implemented eval boards, challenging datasheet recommendations.

See more examples of our work...

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