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Supply Chain


  • Planning and Forecasting (based on client's schedule and need)
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • Lean Manufacturing Techniques
  • Just in Time (JIT) Inventory Practices
  • Best practices
Component Selection
  • Part Analysis (research, validate, obsolescence check, component alternatives)
  • Component Availability Check
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Supplier Identification (identify those who can meet schedule)
Price Negotiation
  • Market Introductions with aggressive unit cost analyses
  • Component Alternatives and Price Negotiation
  • Optimized Bids and Purchases via Trends and Seasonal Cycles
  • Supplier Identification and Negotiation
  • Collaborative Relationship Management (coordinate kitting with client, contract manufacturers, or both)
  • Scheduling - Coordinate schedules to ensure on time delivery
Cost Tracking
  • Plan, Forecast, and Track Costs
  • Project Actual to Plan Cost Analysis
Manufacturing Consulting
  • Skill Set Development
  • Problem Resolution
  • DFMA Analysis: Product - Process - Supplier Interfaces
Supply Chain Development
  • On Site Audits, Process Capability Analysis, and Core Competence Review
  • Services Level Agreement and Post Sales Support
  • Corrective Action Analysis
  • Negotiations and Contract Development

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Helpful brochures describing Core Source Solutions, our areas of expertise, and how to get your project started:

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We put together a few steps to help you quickly establish a relationship and get your project started with Core Source Technologies, How to get started with Core Source.

Custom Solutions

A few examples of often requested engineering solutions:

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