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Altium Designer
a next generation electronic design solution provider. They continuously improve electronic design tools that enable engineers and designers to push the innovative and technological frontier, while reducing product development timelines and improving efficiencies.

Eurofins MET Laboratories
A leading provider of testing services including, but not limited to, EMI and Environmental Simulation; Safety Certification; CBTL and NCB for ITE, Laboratory, Medical, Audio/Video equipment; and EMC testing.

OrCAD Cadence PCB Solutions
Powered by Allegro Sigrity and PSpice, OrCAD is a complete PCB design software for circuit design and sinulation, PCB layout and PCB manufacturing design.

EMA Design Automation
With over 20 years experience and on of the largest resellers in the PCB industry, EMA specializes in product develop solutions ranging from electrical CAD tools, data management and PLM systems, services, training and technical support.

Cadence provides tools, IP, and hardware for electronic design chains from chip design to chip packaging to boards and systems.

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